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Entrepreneurial spirit was the driving force behind the establishment of Amrop in 1979. At the time, to unite leading local search boutiques into a global network was considered an alternative to an integrated organisation. And this reads true today more than ever before.

With more than 80 offices in 57 countries, Amrop is the largest executive search organisation in the world. Key steps have been taken to standardise processes and norms and to set up an integrated project database. A global Amrop university was established with the goal of safeguarding the transfer of knowledge. These challenges are all based on a shared commitment to values such as entrepreneurial passion and long-term partnerships.

Nowadays, we are the market leader in many regions and we document our presence on these markets with a joint logo called Nexus. The colours represent the various areas of our expertise worldwide. You, as the client, are in the heart of Nexus, where all your needs are focussed. Wherever you are – you are the centre of our attention!

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