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In the video talk on the topic of employee motivation, personnel management & recruiting, Leadersnet CEO Paul Leitenmüller also spoke with Günther Tengel, Amrop Jenewein

Employee motivation in times of uncertainty

In the current video talk on the topic of employee motivation, HR management & recruiting in stormy times, Leadersnet CEO Paul Leitenmüller spoke with Manuela Lindlbauer, Managing Director of Lindlpower Personalmanagement GmbH, Doris Palz, Managing Director of Great Place to Work Austria and Günther Tengel, Managing Partner and Chairman of Amrop Central & Eastern Europe.

The following questions will be discussed in detail:

  • What drives employee motivation in a company?
  • How do I deal with uncertainty and how I am able to make decisions in the current situation?
  • How efficiently (human resources, resources, New Work) can I lead the company to Corona?