New Horizons For Executives and Leaders For What’s Next - Chapter 1

I Am My Biggest Project: What’s Stopping Me?

New Horizons For Executives and Leaders For What’s Next -
Chapter 1

The current situation can also be seen as a time for pause and reflection. We at Amrop Jenewein would like to share some Insights & Instructions – from a study by our colleague Maria da Glória Ribeiro (Partner at Amrop Portugal).

This  4-part Amrop series “I am my biggest project” is designed to inspire Executives & Leaders who are seeking to disrupt themselves in the most positive sense, to prepare the next chapters of their career.”

Chapter 1 - What’s Stopping Me?

If ‘I am my biggest project’, and other people are affected by its outcomes, I’d do well to know myself. But building this relationship is a lifelong exercise. It takes sincerity, authenticity and self-regulation.

Know yourself

Every relationship has a starting point and here it’s about taking a look in the mirror – through the eyes of other people. The mirror is a simple and effective tool for getting to know ourselves more accurately and truthfully.

  • What stands out the most in my reflection?
  • Is this how I really want to be?
  • What do I like about myself?
  • What do I want to change about myself?
  • Why? What effect does this have on my relationships and results?
  • What has prevented me from working on this change in the past?

Our evaluation has to be unique, individualized, appropriate for us. There is no standardized list of ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’, ‘sins’ and ‘virtues’. Our introspective exercise requires maturity, lucidity – and time.

7 Leadership-Headlines:

Here are 7 of the topline leadership characteristics that are most sought-after by hiring organizations. This is not an exclusive list, nor is it a prescription – each headline gives considerable room for maneuver in style and approach:

  1. Strategic vision and planning
  2. Coaching capacity: supporting group improvement
  3. Entrepreneurship and focus on results
  4. Priority management
  5. The ability to interact with and work as a team
  6. Flexibility, agility and mobility
  7. Commitment and effort towards continuous improvement.

From over 40,000 interviews with Executives & Leaders, Maria da Glória Ribeiro has identified 3 factors  that play a central role in success and failure, strengths and pitfalls.

  1. Determinism: Deterministic norms are excuses and nothing more – reasons we use towards ourselves and others to confirm or justify decisions which are often unlikely to help us to grow as people. They will not bring us greater happiness, and they will not lead us to fulfillment.
  2. Ambition: positive ambition gives us strength, courage, rhythm and determination. All without hurting others or disrespecting commitments.
  3. Resistance to change (and fear of error): overcoming the fear of change and error is possible – given three conditions. 
    1. go step by step.
    2. admit your vulnerability in this specific area by seeking support
    3. remember that the discomfort will be temporary and well worth the investment. Then you’ll find the courage you need

You can read the full article with more details here.