Staying Connected During Covid-19
Our life changed completely within a week. We are here for you!

Staying Connected During Covid-19

We are here for you!

Every single one of us is currently facing an enormous and unprecedented challenge. Within just one week our lives have changed completely, and we all need to play our part in facing this challenge. So what exactly is our part at Amrop Jenewein?

The safety and well-being of our employees, our clients, our candidates and all their families is our top priority. We have therefore reduced the amount of physical and social contacts to a minimum and are now focusing on digital communication and support.

But though we’re working remotely from home, we remain connected to you at all times. Our IT infrastructure, including all the necessary data protection, gives us unrestricted access to all the tools and databases we need so that we can continue to work on all our ongoing projects and enquiries without any hindrance – for example, we are conducting internal meetings and meetings with candidates and customers via video conference or over the phone.

We are striking a new balance between physical distance and proximity to our clients. Taking your concerns seriously, answering your questions about the labour market, your career or your personal development in confidence, or simply keeping in touch with each other – that’s what we mean by proximity, and it can also be done from the home office. And there has probably never been a better and more important time to do it this way.

The future will not be served up on a plate for us – we must all work together to create it. We will work with you and for you over the coming weeks and months, just as we have always done. We are here for you!

Take care of yourself, your family and your employees.

Best wishes
Andrea Viehauser, Günther Tengel and everyone at Amrop Jenewein