In a situation, where personal conversations are reduced to a minimum, video calls are the most important tools in recruiting.

Dos and Don’ts of video applications

In the current situation, where personal conversations and meetings are reduced to a minimum, video calls are one of the most important tools in the recruiting process. What was unthinkable not so long ago for many recruiters is now being tested and tried out by many companies.

The business magazine Sheconomy ( asked Andrea Viehauser, Managing Director at Amrop Jenewein, about the Dos & Don’ts in video interviews and summarized the most important points:

Technique: As an applicant, you should familiarize yourself with the respective video conferencing software as far as possible in advance and also test the Internet bandwidth and your own equipment before the interview.

Delays or feedback noises: address the problem and briefly log off and on again. In general also speak a little slower, take breaks and both conversation partners should be able to communicate clearly and make themselves understood. Do not speak at the same time.

Environmental conditions: Pay attention to what impressions the background or surroundings might give your conversation partner. Try to avoid potential interference or distraction as much as possible.

Planning the conversation: For a video interview, you will need to plan a little more carefully, as there is usually much less time available for video interviews. Always stay focused during the interview and concentrate on the most relevant points. Focus on your added value.

Relationship level: Due to the physical distance and the possibly greater reserve compared to a face-to-face meeting, additional efforts must be made to build a relationship with the interviewer and create an atmosphere in which your conversation can “flow” more naturally. Also the beginning & end of the conversation is usually shorter. 

Questions: During a video call you should regularly ask your interviewer short questions. In this way you show your professionalism and can communicate your “added value” for the organization.

No-Gos on video interviews:

  • You should avoid distraction by your smartphone and other disturbing signals / noises.
  • Your own posture and appearance should also be appropriate for the job interview and you should maintain eye contact. Smile, even though you may not enjoy the meeting.
  • Do not interrupt your counterpart – apart from being generally impolite, video conferencing produces poor sound quality.
  • Do not open private and additional pages during screen sharing. Pay attention to which favourites you have in your favourites bar.
  • Do not use the notebook of your current employer for job interviews.

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