Life Sciences & Healthcare

Developments in pharmaceuticals and medical technology are being driven by longer life expectancy, changing patient expectations and a shift in thinking towards “health management.” This means constantly increasing investment costs for research and development, and infrastructure.

Greater regulation, changes in financial strength, pressure on prices and the increased availability of generic drugs and bio-similars are leading to market consolidation through mergers and acquisitions creating ever-bigger players.

The impact of government spending cuts is being clearly felt in the areas of hospital management, nursing and health. New structures such as medical centres, group laboratories and home nursing care are developing.

Against this background, classic marketing structures are becoming less important while growing transparency in the products and services sectors requires new forms of engagement with physicians.

Amrop Jenewein can support you with specific local industry expertise and active access to market proponents. Our intensive cooperation and exchange with the global Amrop Life Science Practice Group is a key asset here.