Manufacturing Industry

We are on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution – one characterised by increasing digitalisation and networked products, value chains and business models.

This is bringing about the almost complete transformation of many companies but is also making significant investments necessary. At the same time, however, the fourth industrial revolution offers many Austrian export-oriented companies who are technological leaders in their niche fields, the opportunity to differentiate themselves even more effectively in global competition.

Successful management in the manufacturing industry is still about “leading by sight.” Predictable economic cycles have been superseded by rapid upturns and downturns. But there is much that remains a matter of judgement: the pace of growth in China, trade restrictions, fluctuating exchange rates and, above all, disruptive inventions. Innovations are without a doubt the factor that drives the success of the manufacturing industry.

As a sparring partner of many years standing for the industry, we support Austrian and foreign companies with the search and preliminary selection of results-oriented, proactive and bold managers who think in global terms.