Technology & Media

Technological innovations will change the business models of countless industries. And while the battle for digital dominance is not being fought in Europe, its impacts will be felt here, too.

What in the dim and distant past was IT infrastructure is nowadays the Internet, content, IT services, hardware, networks but, above all, big data. The Austrian IT industry is also taking off and in recent years has emerged as an indispensable economic factor. More than 100,000 people work in approximately 14,000 information and communication technology companies.

A new digital start-up scene is developing and will stimulate competition. Completely new players are emerging and companies from other sectors are making inroads into the telco market. IT providers and media are forming partnerships as companies seek to digitally reinvent themselves. Generally speaking, the focus in Austria is on support and new services.

Amrop Jenewein has been assisting technology firms both in Austria and other countries with their strategic HR focus and search strategies for many years. Thanks to our global Amrop Practice Group Technology Media and our cooperation with IMD, we are at the cutting edge when it comes to recognising trends.