Diversity Management

In today’s increasingly complex and interlinked global business world, diversity and inclusion have emerged as critical factors for success. In future, the best companies will be those whose management teams reflect the diversity of the population at large and thus their employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders in terms of gender, ethnic background, age, religion, sexual orientation and disabilities.

Targeted diversity management is essential for long-term and sustainable business success. Varied experiences, perspectives and values strengthen innovative power. Studies have shown that heterogeneous teams clearly outperform those with a homogenous structure. Moreover, the importance of diversity as a regulatory issue is growing all the time, as are the quota systems required by lawmakers.

Although the role of diversity as a critical factor for success is undisputed, even diversity pioneers in the business world still have a long way to go before they achieve their goal. Our mission is to help you achieve this goal by providing expert and professional support. With a clear commitment to diversity for both clients and candidates we see ourselves as enablers across our entire portfolio of services.

Executive Search

Executive Search plays an important role in increasing diversity among executives and thus ensuring the consistent implementation of the diversity strategy in the long term. Our search processes for clients are tailored to meet the requirements of both their diversity strategy and the regulatory environment. At the same time, clients can rest assured that we will still do our utmost to find the optimum fit between search profile and candidate profile.

Candidates, on the other hand, can be sure that all our search and selection processes conform to the principles of equality.

Executive Effectiveness & Succession Planning

Amrop Jenewein is firmly convinced of the advantages of having a strong demographic mix within the management team and we advise and assist our customers on the road to achieving this goal. In addition to executive search, our service portfolio also includes executive effectiveness and succession planning. Only by implementing an integrated diversity strategy can companies succeed in attracting and developing the best managers. Executive effectiveness consultancy in particular focuses upon drawing attention to skills which are among the invisible attributes of diversity.